Quiz - 1ΒΆ

Make a program that asks for two integer numbers and prints the sum of those two numbers.

Write a program that reads a value in meters and shows it converted to millimeters.

Write a program that reads the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds from the user. Calculate the total number of seconds.

Make a program that calculates a salary increase. It should request the salary amount and the percentage of the increase. Display the amount of the increase and the new salary.

Request the price from a merchant and the percentage of the discount. Display the discount amount and the final price.

Calculate the duration of a car trip. Ask for the distance to be covered and the expected average speed for the trip.

Convert a temperature written in Celsius to Fahrenheit. F = (9 * C) / 5 + 32

Now do the opposite, from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Write a program that asks for the number of kilometers traveled by a rented car, as well as the number of days the car has been rented for. Calculate the price to be paid, knowing that the car costs R $ 60.00 per day and R $ 0.15 per kilometer traveled.

Write a program to calculate the reduction in the lifespan of a smoker. Ask for the number of cigarettes smoked per day and how many years the person has smoked. Consider that a smoker loses 10 minutes of life for each cigarette, calculate how many days a smoker will lose. Show the total days.

Knowing that str() converts numerical values to strings, calculate how many digits there are in 2 raised to a million.

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